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News Highlights

Fusion Genomics Clinically Validating NGS Test for Infectious Disease; Eyes 2020 FDA Submission

GenomeWeb just published this article in their latest issue. It highlights our collaboration with Toronto’s Sunnybrook Research Institute to clinically validate our ONETest Rapid product that assays infectious diseases.

It goes on to feature our new Series A funding round. Any monies raised will go to support additional clinical studies to validate our syndromic ONETest products for sepsis and nosocomial acquired infections.

Unfortunately, it’s behind GenomeWeb’s paywall but we’re excited to alert you to this news! Press like this is great for us! Please share the link!

Fusion Genomics Receives $1 Million from CQDM To Study ONETest RTI Assay

We are pleased to share the news that Fusion Genomics has received a $1 million award to conduct a study evaluating our comprehensive, novel ONETest PathoGenome assay for the detection of pathogens associated with respiratory tract infections (RTIs). Due in great part to limitations associated with current diagnostic tests, RTIs are a leading cause of morbidity, mortality, and hospitalizations globally. Faster identification and diagnosis of pathogens responsible for these infections could help reduce their tremendous burden on patients and hospitals.

We are honored by CQDM’s decision to include the ONETest RTI assay among its prestigious portfolio of funded programs. The prospective clinical study, which we will conduct in partnership with Sunnybrook Research Institute, could help to transform the diagnosis and treatment of RTIs.

For more information, click here to read the news release we distributed this morning, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this exciting new project.

Fusion Connects with China!

C2 iBridge interview with Fusion’s Mohammad Qadir

Fusion’s CSO, Dr Mohammad Qadir recently attended the Canada China Innovation & Investment Summit 2019 put together by C2CAN. Dr Qadir was recently interviewed in their September 2019 newsletter starting on page 6.

As the key organizer of the summit, C2CAN is a collaborative platform between SFU VentureLabsⓇ, China Canada Cleantech Innovation Centre (CCCIC), Tsinghua Holdings, and Hanhai Holdings. Its mission is to connect technology companies with the resources necessary to scale and succeed in China and Canada.

From the C2 iBridge website:

Through its new Canada China Innovation Bridge program (C2 iBridge), C2CAN aims to further its mission to promote cross-border collaboration in science and technology innovation between Canada and China.

​C2 Innovation & Investment Bridge (C2 iBridge) is a C2CAN program that focuses exclusively on events that support the C2CAN mission.

Fusion in the News!

Season’s Greetings

As we celebrate this holiday season we thought we’d take a moment to tell you about some of the wonderful things that FUSION GENOMICS accomplished in 2016 and what we’d like to see happen in 2017.

As you know, FUSION’s mission is to develop simple-to-use molecular diagnostics for infectious disease pathogens that are responsible for major global health problems. In doing so, we aim to establish new paradigms for how diseases are surveyed, monitored and treated in the hopes of preventing future epi- and pandemics and saving lives.

First and foremost, we now have 3 ONETest assay kits that are market ready and available for purchase, ONETest Influenza Sentinel, ONETest Influenza EnviroScreen, and ONETest Hepatitis. We also further developed and optimized our FUSIONCloud online bioinformatics data analysis platform and it is now ready to analyze the sequencing data from all our ONETest kits and rapidly deliver the answers our clients are seeking.

FUSION GENOMICS also had several important presentations this past year. We were proud to have a poster of our ONETest Influenza Sentinel showcased at the Options IX for the Control of Influenza annual conference in Chicago this year (Embedding next generation sequencing in influenza surveillance and influenza vaccine effectiveness studies, season 2015/2016, the Netherlands, by Meijer A, de Lange M, Donker G, Overduin P.).

In August, a scientist from BC presented a paper at the 65th International conference of the Wildlife Disease Association in Cortland, NY (Genomic analysis of wetland sediment as a tool for avian influenza surveillance and prevention) which used our ONETest Influenza EnviroScreen to identify bird flu in wetlands and small water bodies on infected farms.

FUSION’s CEO, Mohammad Qadir also gave a talk, (ONETest Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases) in Toronto at the Tenth National Microbiology Diagnostics Users Group Fall Meeting and Annual Conference 2016 which generated a lot of excitement in our approach, products and FUSIONCloud.

January 9-12, FUSION will be at the JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference to be held in San Francisco, 2017.

January 14-18, FUSION will also be in San Diego at the International Plant & Animal Genome XXV Conference. January will be a busy month for us!

FUSION was also pleased to be able to expand both our Bioinformatics and Laboratory Teams with 2 new employees each.

Happy Holidays and New Year to all our friends and wishing you a great 2017!

Fusion Breaks into the Product Shows Circuit!

FUSION GENOMICS makes its first appearance at a product trade show, OPTIONS IX for THE CONTROL OF INFLUENZA, held in Chicago from 24-28 August.

The products we showcased were our ONETest Influenza Sentinel, our ONETest Influenza EnviroScreen and our FUSION Cloud. It was a lot of work, fun, and a great learning experience for us with many excellent contacts made for future sales and endeavors.

Fusion’s Bird Flu Test Generates Excitement!

At a presentation given by Dr. Chelsea Himsworth at the WILDLIFE DISEASE ASSOCIATION’s ​​​​65TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on August 5th, Dr. Himsworth showed that Fusion’s ONETest™ Influenza Enviroscreen* clearly outperformed PCR in tests analysing wetland waterfowl sediments for the presence of bird flu virus.

Wild waterfowl are an important host vectors for transmitting the bird flu strains that infect the poultry industry. If we can detect, identify and track the strains that are present in wetlands adjacent to or near poultry producing facilities, there is a greater chance of preventing costly outbreaks in birds being raised for market.

Wetland sediment sample to be processed for influenza typing

Wetland sediment sample

Our ONETest™ Influenza Enviroscreen is the only test that reliably and accurately detects the influenza virus in wetland sediments and it also identifies viral genotypes and subtypes which could give poultry producers much needed additional time and information to protect their stocks from infection.

*For Research Use Only

Fusion Invited to Compute Canada $14M Award Celebration

FUSION GENOMICS President and CSO, Mohammmed Qadir was part of the Compute Canada team that celebrated the BC government’s award of $14M to Compute Canada to help fund wide ranging research that benefits Canadians.

Also present were Dugan O’Neill, Professor of Physics at SFU and CSO at Compute Canada, MLA for Vancouver-False Creek, Sam Sullivan, SFU President Andrew Petter and BC Minister of Technology, Innovation & Citizen Services, Amrik Virk.