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ONETest Wastewater Testing

Revolutionizing Wastewater Testing with the ONETest™: A Powerful Tool for Early Detection of Infectious Diseases in Communities


Wastewater testing has emerged as a critical strategy for early disease surveillance, particularly in densely populated areas. Fusion Genomics introduces the ONETest™, a game-changing solution that leverages advanced genomic technology to revolutionize wastewater testing. With its unparalleled accuracy to detect all known and novel respiratory viruses, the ONETest™ provides invaluable insights for safeguarding public health, monitoring infectious disease outbreaks, and implementing timely interventions.

The Challenge: Identifying Disease Outbreaks Early

Detecting the presence of infectious diseases in a community can be challenging using traditional methods. Often, symptoms manifest only when a significant portion of the population is affected, making early intervention difficult. Wastewater testing, however, offers a proactive approach. By analyzing human waste for traces of pathogens, it becomes possible to identify outbreaks at an early stage, even before individuals display symptoms.

The ONETest™ Advantage: Unmatched Accuracy and Speed

The ONETest™ is designed to excel in wastewater testing. It employs Fusion Genomics’ patented QuantumProbes (QPs) technology, which captures the genomes of all known and emerging upper respiratory viral pathogens, providing a comprehensive view of their prevalence within a community. The ONETest™ is a fully automated, using a standard laboratory robotic device that delivers precise results with fast turn-around-time.

Applications of the ONETest™ in Wastewater Testing

Early Warning System: The ONETest™ serves as an early warning system for infectious disease outbreaks. It can detect diseases such as COVID-19, influenza, and more, enabling health authorities to initiate containment measures promptly.
Tracking Variants: With its ability to identify novel pathogens, the ONETest™ is instrumental in monitoring the emergence of new variants.

Real-World Examples
Pilot Project at Toronto Pearson International Airport

Fusion Genomics Corporation successfully launched an innovative pilot project at Toronto Pearson International Airport, utilizing our proprietary ONETest™ to screen wastewater for infectious pathogens. This pioneering initiative was designed to facilitate the early detection of COVID-19 and a spectrum of other infectious diseases within the airport’s ecosystem.

The outcomes of this project were exceptional. Throughout its operation from October 2022 to March 2023, the ONETest™ consistently and accurately detected the presence of COVID-19 alongside a comprehensive range of respiratory viruses. The facility’s performance in identifying all known respiratory viruses prevalent during this period was impeccable. Notably, the detection of SARS-CoV-2 and its variants through our ONETest™ was in alignment with the concurrent sample testing results from the Public Health Agency of Canada. However, our ONETest™ provided a more extensive viral profile, offering insights into the full array of respiratory viruses present—a capability yet to be demonstrated by any other platform. This real-world example demonstrates the ONETest™’s potential to transform wastewater testing into a powerful tool for protecting communities’ health.

Our Impact: Public Health and Beyond

Fusion Genomics envisions the ONETest™ as a catalyst for proactive public health interventions. Beyond infectious disease monitoring, our technology has the potential to impact bioterrorism preparedness, antimicrobial resistance surveillance, and environmental health research.

Join the ONETest™ Revolution

Fusion Genomics invites you to join us in the journey of transforming wastewater testing into a powerful tool for protecting communities’ health. Contact us today to learn more about the ONETest™ and how it can be integrated into your public health initiatives.

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For research use only.  Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.