Fusion’s Bird Flu Test Generates Excitement!

At a presentation given by Dr. Chelsea Himsworth at the WILDLIFE DISEASE ASSOCIATION’s ​​​​65TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on August 5th, Dr. Himsworth showed that Fusion’s ONETest™ Influenza Enviroscreen* clearly outperformed PCR in tests analysing wetland waterfowl sediments for the presence of bird flu virus.

Wild waterfowl are an important host vectors for transmitting the bird flu strains that infect the poultry industry. If we can detect, identify and track the strains that are present in wetlands adjacent to or near poultry producing facilities, there is a greater chance of preventing costly outbreaks in birds being raised for market.

Wetland sediment sample to be processed for influenza typing

Wetland sediment sample

Our ONETest™ Influenza Enviroscreen is the only test that reliably and accurately detects the influenza virus in wetland sediments and it also identifies viral genotypes and subtypes which could give poultry producers much needed additional time and information to protect their stocks from infection.

*For Research Use Only