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Pathogenome Sequencing

At FUSION GENOMICS, our technology represents a paradigm shift in infectious disease diagnostics. We have harnessed the power of genomics to develop a revolutionary solution that addresses the limitations of traditional diagnostic tests.

The ONETest, is a targeted metagenomics assay fully automated using a standard laboratory fluidics station. It utilizes state-of-the-art and patented capture probes, called QuantumProbes and informatics to detect the full range of human pathogens in a single test. This comprehensive approach enables us to provide clinically relevant genomic information for accurate and timely diagnosis.

The ONETestworkflow begins with the collection of a patient sample, which is then processed using our fully automated workflow. During this process, the ONETestenriches the patient sample for DNA fragments belonging to targeted pathogens. This enriched DNA library is then ready to be sequenced using any benchtop DNA sequencer. Our streamlined process ensures rapid turnaround time, with results delivered within 24 hours.

The ONETesthas undergone rigorous validation studies with global agencies and renowned institutions, including the European CDC, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, University of Florida Health, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital (Toronto), and Merck Sharp & Dohme. These validations demonstrate the performance, accuracy, and reliability of our technology.

By combining cutting-edge technologies, informatics, and automation, we have created a game-changing solution that has the potential to transform infectious disease management. Our technology opens up new possibilities for on-site, on-demand genomic testing in hospital and public health laboratories, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and provide optimal care to patients.

Functionally equivalent to metagenomic sequencing for pathogen identification, ONETest is clinically superior in the following ways:

  • Higher sensitivity – Up to 9000X pathogen enrichment

  • 24-36 hour sample to results*

  • Low cost sub $1000s vs $2,000s

  • High throughput. **

* preliminary pathogen identification report will be provided at the end of 30 cycles of DNA sequencing.
**Up to 24 samples in one desktop sequencer run.
Pathogenome diagram