John Seminerio, Board Chair

John Seminerio is a serial entrepreneur known for co-founding several successful companies. He co-founded OctigaBay Systems in 2001, which pioneered a new supercomputer platform and was acquired by Cray Inc. in 2004 for $155 million, after securing $24 million in seed financing. Before that, he co-founded Abatis Systems Corporation, a telecommunications vendor acquired by Redback Networks for $1.3 billion in 2000. In 2013, he co-founded PHEMI Systems Corporation, where he served as Board Chair until 2017 and is now an Advisor.

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Mohammad Qadir, President & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Qadir’s training is in genetics and molecular biology. Dr Qadir has over 17 years of research experience. The last ten were at the British Columbia Cancer Agency where he worked with world-renowned experts in genomics and drug development. Dr Qadir is the co-inventor of the CHILDSeq-Sarcoma assay and CHILDDecode (part of FUSIONCloud). Dr Qadir oversees all the scientific aspects of research and development efforts at FUSION GENOMICS and also serves as the interface for all collaborators.

Greg Stazyk, Chief Technical Officer

Mr Greg Stazyk has over 20 years of experience in senior positions in the IT industry, including senior manager at PMC-Sierra Inc. where he was responsible for its global computer systems operation. Mr. Stazyk was the IT lead for one of Canada’s largest bioinformatics computing platforms at the BC Cancer Agency’s Genome Sciences Centre. Here, he oversaw the expansion of their computing infrastructure from a few dozen core-machines to over 10,000 in the core cluster and over 7 Petabyte of redundant storage in a CAP/CLIA certified environment. Mr Stazyk brings

insight and expertise in IT project management, especially in areas of business fault tolerance and secure storage systems, which are critical for fulfilling FUSION GENOMICS’ cloud computing needs.

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