The Best in Target Capture for NGS


QUANTUMProbes, the second component of our ONETest molecular diagnostics assay kit, are comprised of synthetic non-reference based oligonucleotides designed using Fusion Genomics’ machine learning algorithms.

The advantages of QUANTUMProbes are that they:

1.    Enable capture of genetically diverse targets (pathogens) that may have a sequence diversity of up to 20% in genetic distance.

2.    Allow a more comprehensive RNA and DNA capture than reference-based probes or any other known method.

3.    Provide up to 9000X enrichment over metagenomic sequencing and a 1000X sensitivity over PCR.

4.    Overcome the failures of other methods that try to capture the innate and evolving genomic diversity common in viruses and bacteria.

5.    Allow a nearly limitless expansion of targets including any host based genetic susceptibility and prognostic factors.

Novel Genotypes

Novel strains identified by ONETest™ HCV. Consensus sequences inferred were searched using BLAST against the NCBI GenBank database.

Fold Enrichment

Fold enrichment of two target genes (Ns5b; blue & E1; red) by the ONETest™ HCV assay over metagenomic sequencing in commercially acquired HCV samples.

For Research Use Only. Not Intended For Any Human Or Animal Diagnostic Use.